Intelligent Dispensing

Wine lovers all over the world are enjoying the convenience of tapping in to fine wines dispensed from a keg and served by the glass or carafe.

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WINEKEG imports and distributes KeyKeg, an innovative and sustainable solution to storing, serving and enjoying fine wines by the glass.

Products & Services

WINEKEG helps deliver fine South African wines to end-consumers by promoting and providing industry access to KeyKeg and KeyKeg-related dispensing technology.

We import and supply empty 20L and 30L KeyKeg to the South African market.

We provide technical assistance filling KeyKeg.

We source and fill wines in the Western Cape for local and international markets.

We assist on-trade businesses with supply, installation and servicing of dispensers.

We can advise on certification, export and shipping.

Fresh Thinking

KeyKeg technology locks in consistent freshness and prevents oxidation, ensuring quality and flavour are maintained for every glass.

On-trade businesses are reaping the benefits too:

Less Clutter

Enhanced Efficiencies

Significantly Less Waste

Quicker Time to Table

Happier Customers

No more half-full bottles at close of trade

An Organised Solution

Wineries and re-sellers also appreciate the benefits of filling and transporting lightweight KeyKeg compared with crates and bottles.


WINEKEG offers convenient access to KeyKeg solutions:

Imports and supplies unfilled KeyKeg to wineries and breweries.

Can assist in the filling process.

Independently sources and supplies exceptional wines in KeyKeg to consumers both locally and abroad.

Assists on-trade businesses (restaurants, bars, lodges, etc.) in setting up and servicing dispensing equipment.

Can assist with logistics and warehousing solutions.

Why Wine on Tap?

It’s efficient

Serving wine on tap is particularly convenient for on-trade businesses. Dispensing is as easy as touching a tap. An unfilled 30 L KeyKeg weighs less than 1.5 KG and holds the equivalent of forty 750 ml bottles — a 20 L KeyKeg holds the equivalent of more than twenty-six. The reductions in space, weight and wastage (corks, labels, packaging, etc) are significant.

It’s fresh and economical

Wines are protected against their greatest enemies, oxygen and light, ensuring the freshness of every pour. KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg™ Technology locks in beverage freshness, maintains high-quality flavour and maximises shelf life. KeyKeg is a sustainable solution that saves on transport costs and significantly reduces glass wastage. The elegant Lindr dispensers chill the wines to the temperatures required, reducing pressure on refrigeration space.

It’s simple

People in the hospitality industry appreciate the advantages of dispensing wines on tap. The “plug-and-play” kegs are quick and simple to change and easy to move when empty, especially compared with uncorking and disposing of bottles.

It’s Green

Dispensing wines with KeyKeg is demonstrably more environmentally friendly than bottles. WINEKEG supports all efforts to protect the environment. Replacing bottles with KeyKeg technology lowers shipping and transport costs, reduces glass waste and limits the use of water and chemicals. KeyKeg is 10 times lighter than glass.

We are encouraged by KeyKeg findings that: “Several scientific studies conclude that sustainable, circular plastics produce fewer CO2 emissions, protect natural resources, lower energy consumption and reduce waste.”

Tasting Notes

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